Wednesday, November 23, 2005

How Not To Be

I've been a pretty big fan of The Amazing Race for only a short time now, however, thanks to the wonder of the Game Show Network, I've caught every episode of the show, and as someone who has seen it all I feel qualified to say that the Weavers are the worst people to appear on the race. Worse than Flo, the lady who gave up every leg of the race; worse than Jonathan and Victoria, the fighting couple; worse than the girl and the midget...maybe; worse than Boston Rob and Amber, the only team to play The Amazing Race like Survivor. The other teams, while annoying (except Rob & Amber), all were pretty straight about being who they were. Instead, the Weavers are mean to the other teams, both in front of them and behind their backs, they malign whole states (Utah) and whole religions (Mormons) and yet they wonder why nobody likes them...why they've been yielded twice. I have some suggestions for them in the future to prevent people from yielding them in real life somehow:
1) Stop it with the holier than thou crap. You are not the only Christians who act like Christians, you are not God's Annointed, you are not even nice people. Take a step back and stop praying publicly for a moment. You pray "oh Lord, bless that Raliegh will be safe skiing down that ramp and into that pool" when it's quite unnecessary. Keep your prayers in your closets, for those who pray in the open, to be seen of men, have their reward.
2) Get over your father's death. Yes it's tragic that he died at a racetrack. Does that mean that you have to freak out any time you're at a race track? No. Get over it.
3) Be nice. Not everybody is as meanspirited as you are.

Have a good thanksgiving!

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