Friday, May 11, 2007

It's FAAAAN-tastic

I'm back after a busy April that wasn't so busy on the blogging front. The past few weeks of the NBA playoffs have been great (at least for me - I know that some people think they've had the same suck factor as the NBA season did this year). The Jazz survived a tough series against Houston and are getting lucky against Golden State. I know that their two wins have been a combination of skill and dumb luck, but honestly, how in the world could they have won Game 2? Williams was in foul trouble the whole night, Kirilenko had to play point guard when there was nobody else on the court that could do it, and still the Warriors ended up killing themselves in the end by bricking a bunch of free throws. Will the Jazz be able to win tonight? I don't know. Oakland is notoriously difficult to play in, but after looking at the Golden State bench at the end of Game 2, you knew they were toast. They looked like someone had just stolen everything in their house and they didn't have insurance. Could these last two games become Dead Men Walking games? We'll find out soon enough.
While the playoffs have been great, they've introduced me to one of the worst commercials of all time. Yeah, I know that the Sizzler ones where they tried to go upscale by having a chef talk to a white trash family or where they had the construction worker eating a Malibu Chicken platter (you know he's a construction worker because he wears his hard hat everywhere) were bad, but this is painful bad, not even funny bad. I'm talking about the "Think Fast" ad. Here we have a guy who thinks he's all that and a bucket of chicken and he's "playing basketball" with a bunch of stickers on his wall. He's busy schooling these stickers by passing them the ball, but because they're stickers they can't catch them. So these stickers aren't catching his passes, he's saying "think fast" a billion times, and he doesn't realize that if, in theory, he was a good basketball player, those stickers would be catching his passes, or he wouldn't be hitting their faces and/or groins at the very least. The only redeeming quality of the whole thing is when Steve Nash's sticker gets fed up with this chump and tosses a basketball at his head. Why would they pay somebody for this commerical? Sure, I remember it (in part because it was on every single commercial break, and I can't TiVo the playoffs), but at what cost? I'm not going to buy anything from them out of protest alone. Who's with me?

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