Saturday, December 15, 2007

Too Little is Too Much

I was driving home from the gym this morning, sitting at a stoplight and playing with my iPhone when I started thinking that I could blog from it if I'm not at a computer. Now that's nice! What that got me thinking of though was the Twitter service. Has anyone else heard of this and/or used it? The concept is that you can essentially SMS updates of your boring, everyday life to the internet where it will somehow become interesting. Here would be a set of Twitter updates if I was there (each line would be its own post)

Got up, made Boudin Sourdough French toast for my wife and I

Got Alyssa ready

Went to the gym

Came home

Blogged on Blogger

How boring is that? Eating pancakes doesn't get more exciting because it's written down than it did if you just did it. I have to say that if regular blogging is boring, this is the literary equivalent of watching paint dry. I know that it's not anything I'll ever look into, but what do you think?

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