Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Travels to the Land of Obama

I say the land of Obama because Hawaii has claimed him as only Illinois should.  Nevertheless, I went with the family and we had a smashing time.  The kids were great, which furthers my hypothesis from earlier trips with them that kids are resilient travelers.  A 6 hour flight and 4 hour time change?  No problem!  An overnight flight?  That's easy!  It's shockingly amazing.  At any rate, on to some photos
My son is imprisoned on our lanai.  He wanted to go to the beach until he actually saw the ocean.  Then he wanted nothing to do with it.
My son thought pineapples weren't people, or something like that.
Who'd have guessed they would have a Japanese temple on Oahu?  They do, and it's got koi fish and everything.  It's kind of like Tokyo Disneyland, only without the rides and mice.
My daughter at the temple.  She loved playing around here for a bit.
My ever determined son.  I think this is the only picture where I got his whole face because he's usually hauling along ahead of everyone else.

The kids at the aquarium.  I've found that kids are great photography subjects, as long as you are really quick on your shutter button.

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Zuke said...

The pic of that Japanese temple is gorgeous!! Do you have any larger, maybe large format pics? Say, for a triple monitor setup?