Friday, March 30, 2012

Obamacare for the Supremes

While I didn't get the opportunity to actually participate and be in the gallery when the Supreme Court heard the challenge to the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), I was busy going back and forth across Capitol Hill all day and as a result, I was able to see one of the great debates of my generation on both sides.  The first time I went from the Senate side to the House side, I was concerned about the general state of the protests.  I'm not a fan of the act, but it seemed like everybody who was up there was organized to support it - generally a bad thing if you're on the other side.  They had an incredibly catchy chant, and the opposition was few and far between.  I saw the same scene when I went back from the House side to the Senate for my next appointment.
The third time was different.  I crossed back from the House side to the Senate after lunch and they must have done shifts because now the folks who opposed ObamaCare were in front of the court.  They didn't have a chant, but there were a lot of them there.
It seemed like the longer the day wore on, the more heated people got.  You can see one of the folks down below - he got in a heated argument about how you can't support Israel and support President Obama.  Meanwhile, someone else was arguing about illegal immigration with a Native American - the one person in the world who has the most legitimate claim on our lands out of anybody.  
I was really happy to be there to see one of the defining court cases of my time and get some documentation of it.  Take a look:

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