Wednesday, December 07, 2005

This House Can Kick Your House's Butt!

Has the Griswold house become too passe in today's 1.21 gigawatts of holiday lighting world? If current trends are any indication, yes. While the houses at the site that Mickel blogged about a week ago are all bright and all, to be noticed in the Las Vegas Christmas landscape, you need something more than just a bunch of lights. You need music and lights. You don't need just any music though. I would imagine the conversation between husband and wife went something like this:
Wife: The Mormon Tabernacle Choir?
Husband: Too traditional.
W: Bing Crosby?
H: Too crooney.
W: Celine Dion?
H: Please. Do you want to look like a total loser?
W: Maybe Mannheim Steamroller?
H: Naw, they have synths and all, but it's not quite got the edge that we're looking for.
W: Maybe Trans-Siberian Orchestra?
H: Now that's what I'm talking about! We can rock this casbah with something from them!
And thus the coolest Christmas house of all time was born. While the first reaction I heard from my wife was "that's fake," trust me, it isn't. It was actually on the news a few nights back (well, not in it's full glory - you can't just have a picture of a house putting on a light show for 3 minutes on the local news unless there's lots of dead bodies in front). With a lot of time, some good solid technical knowhow, and a MIDI sequencer (oh, and a lot of money to pay for the power bill), you too can have a house like this. Of course, you may want to take it up a notch...maybe a holographic Santa going across the sky, or a manger scene acted out by the original cast of Les Miserables.

Update: Here's a site that will tell you exactly how to reproduce this (or so) if you really want to. Here's a segment on the Today show too.

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