Saturday, September 09, 2006

Jerry Seinfeld is Rolling Over in His Grave

Or he would be if he were dead. I am currently in New York City on business (I love New York! I've been waiting for a conference here forever) and tonight I went with a few coworkers to Monty Python's Spamalot. The play itself was awesome. There was a lot of little things they tossed in above and beyond the Holy Grail movie that made it highly enjoyable.
Unfortunately, I also had The Lady sitting behind me. You know who this person is. They're the one in the theatre who has to spend the entire time pointing out the blindingly obvious to anyone who cares to listen. She also ends up pointing it out to everyone else who doesn't want to listen, but there's no way around that when you're not whispering. Because it's not immediately apparent exactly how obvious it is, here's an example:
(Scene where Sir Robin runs away from the three headed knight [it was the black knight in the play, probably because of the logistical complexity of having a 3 headed knight appear on Broadway] and loses control of his bowels as a result)
Woman: He's got the diarrhea.
(Next scene, where Sir Robin runs into King Arthur and the Knights who say Nee, still looking like he's got something in his pants)
Woman: He's still got diarrhea.
Thank you for that enlightening commentary. I thought that's what I saw, but you know how the British are. It may not have been what I saw, because it was translated from the original Martian. She'd also point out what she felt were allusions to other plays.
(King Arthur sings a song)
Woman: That's "Mr. Cellophane" (from Chicago)
Woman: Yeah, that's "Mr. Cellophane."
Would repeating it make it any more true? Perhaps it would make it somewhat less annoying as well? Sorry, wrong on both counts.


themickel said...

That is annoying. If it was me I would have crammed my program down her throat and punched her in her fat, ignorant head. But I bet all you did was sit there and stew in your frustration. Probably didn't do anything, did you? I guess we're just different that way.

themickel said...

Just kidding Sorro. I wouldn't have done anything of the sort. Come to think of it, I might have a little bit of "the diarrhea" myself.

Sorro said...

Yeah, I did sit there and stew like a wuss. That's how I'm the same as every other person out there, unlike George Costanza in "The Opposite." I really thought she might stop it because she was quiet the first 20 mins of the play, but I thought wrong.

Cheeth said...

I don't know about all that, but here are two words: Transfer Talk. One of the greatest shows ever run on not TV.

Sorro said...

*Cue Transfer Talk music*