Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm A Gay Man and a Gay Basketball Player

So John Amaechi announced he's gay. Then he goes on to blame all his problems on the basketball court on the fact that Coach Sloan and Larry Miller were bigoted against him because he was gay. Never mind that he didn't tell anyone or that he was the worst player to wear a Jazz uniform since Jose Ortiz, it was the gay.

Amaechi really showed the size of his balls though when he mentioned that the Jazz should have scouted him out better and known that if he got a guaranteed contract for more than one year that he wouldn't do one thing afterwards. From Amaechi's British-accented mouth:

"The problem was not my commitment to the game. I was working as hard, with what I had, as anyone on the team. The truth is Sloan and Jazz management hadn't done their research - otherwise known as scouting. They could tell you all my court tendencies, how I played the game and why I should fit into the system. But they knew nothing of my character."

It's always good to say that it's the team's fault that you suck and not that you're a lazy sack of crap who will take whatever money's given to you and not give anybody anything in return. It's as if Enron blamed all the investors for investing in them - "you should have dug into our 10-k and tax forms, looked past all those shady investments and seen that we were really just smoke and mirrors. If you had done that, we wouldn't have lost all of your money."

This book of his was a quick cash in, probably because he ran out of the money the Jazz gave him, so he might as well beat a dead horse a little bit more while he's at it. I have a suggestion for Jerry Sloan: write a book of your own. I've even got a title for you - "Now You Know Why John Amaechi Was In My Doghouse." I'd buy it.

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