Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More Quick Hits

Here's another chunk of thoughts that don't merit a full post:

I was at the Jazz/Lakers game on Monday night and I had one of those guys behind me. You know who I'm talking about - they can't help but make random noises, kind of like an Alzheimer's patient who also has Tourette's Syndrome. While he wasn't crass or foul (which made it funny instead of just downright unbearable), he was definitely a redneck. I think his favorite phrase was "Stay on 'em" as in "Stay on 'em...Jazz" just in case the Lakers thought he was talking to them. It eventually was shortened to "Stayonem." I think he must've said it 5-6 times every single time the Lakers had the ball. There was a time when Kobe Bryant was shooting free throws when the guy called him precious, which is the greatest nickname ever given by one man to another.

Channel 2's Roland Steadham has created his own 5-category storm system, ranging from something like "light breeze" to "avalanche from the skies." Really, is this that informative? You might as well just wear the snow jacket like Mark Eubank and get it over with.

Some TV related thoughts...
I love The Amazing Race. I hope Rob and Amber crush the competition this year. I also hope that Mirna and Schmirna leave soon. They're the second most detestible team ever to be on TAR (behind the Weaver family). Why are they so bad? They are so sanctimonious that it borders on insane. Both think that they are superior to everyone else and also that they are the most humble people in the world. Here's a clue: when you think that you're better than an entire state or that all beautiful people have had plastic surgery, you're not humble.
Heroes is the best new show this year, and it keeps getting better. I have a feeling that Jericho will go the way of all the world for me once they finally let me know but 2 things: what cities got nuked, and who is this conspiracy that made it happen. You can't tell me that the little group with the rental vans had the resources to build that many nukes and also release an EMP pulse via a nuclear missile detonation at 30,000 feet. It's laughably unworkable.

What would most companies do when employees decide to stop working, no matter what they had done up to that point? I would say they fire them. What does my company do? Nothing. Not one single thing. We currently have 2 executives who between themselves do about 10 hours of actual worthwhile work a month and spend the rest of the time working on get rich quick schemes and 2 director level employees who everybody agrees suck but that we just keep in their positions. Forro and I have been pushing for some fixes for months, but here we are and there they are. Can we agree that it's time to part ways for all of these people?

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