Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Not Just For Hitting The Fan

TheStar.com - News - Principal admits throwing excrement

I have to say, the above news story is awesome. I've not seen anything like it in all my years in school, although I have to say it certainly would have made things more interesting. The only question I have other than does the principal have any hope of getting another job in their field is was this principal a monkey? You don't hear of feces flinging humans very often, but it's common among chimps and other lesser primates.

Here's what happened as far as I can tell: there was a poofight in the bathroom, with kids flinging poo everywhere, akin to a food fight, only using post-processed food. The principal walked around the corner, saw it spilling into the hallway and decided to join in. I defy anyone to give me a better explanation. Also of note: her last name is Pantalone, which is quite appropriate as pantalones generally keep feces out of people's hands.

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