Friday, March 30, 2007

The Project Project

At our company we have an affinity for giving things that don't need names names. For example, we have a set of articles that people can read. It's name? The Einstein Project. We've got a training video that people are making. It's name? The Hollywood Project. There really is only one proponent of this, and it's St. Maxwell. For some reason he loves to put names to all these things that don't really deserve names. Really, it reminds me of my time in Japan. We had missionaries who couldn't live without calling their pet project something really cool. I lived through tales of the Ammon Project (show people videos) and then actual live renditions of the Abinadi Project (pictures on a felt board) and the Samuel Project (text and pictures on a sandwich board). I wanted to create the Korihor project, but couldn't ever think of anything to do that would be project-y enough (knock on doors! talk to Japanese people!).
Anyway, as a result, Forro and I have decided to retroactively apply project monikers to all the things we do. Our changing from regular phones to a VOIP system is the Discovery Channel Project, the decreasing of cell phone bills is the Alan Parsons Project, and switching from a ridiculously ghetto local bank to Chase is Operation Greenspan. It's all in good solid mockery. The only question is is it better to use the military style "Operation" nomenclature or the JTSM "Project?"

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