Monday, June 18, 2007

Again with the Fatwahs

You have to feel bad for Salman Rushdie.  First he had to live off the grid for a decade hiding from every Islamic terrorist because Ayatollah Khomeni said he should die for blasphemy against the prophet Mohammed in the book The Satanic Verses.  That right there raises some problems, for one, looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life.  It's was an even more extreme reaction than the one that was unleashed against various European newspapers last year when they printed some pictures that were less than respectful towards the tenets of Islam.  While I don't think that people should disrespect other peoples' religions, at the same time you can't try to kill someone just because they disagree with you or they disparage you.  Anyway, that beside the point, now some clerics are starting to call for terror attacks on the United Kingdom because they've knighted Rushdie.  In addition, Khomeini's fatwah won't ever be rescinded, despite some thoughts earlier that it wasn't really in effect anymore.  That's a double whammy right there.  Again I ask, why (even though it wasn't the brightest move ever) should Britain be a terror target because they're honoring an infidel?  They're all infidels anyway, so what's the difference?  I really don't understand this line of logic.  If someone can help me out, that would be great, because I just can't wrap my hands around it.  The British are being targeted by association.  Why not target for selling it or whomever the publishers are for publishing it, or even the readers for reading it?  Where along the line does someone make that transition from normal person to target?

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