Monday, August 25, 2008

Lifestyles of the Powerful Pizza Eaters

A friend of mine tipped me off on this yesterday at our weekly BBQ, but apparently Utah State Sen. Curt Bramble has had a run-in with a pizza delivery person.  I actually like Sen. Bramble and his family and I actually quite like Nicolitalia (the pizza place that wouldn't take his personal check) too, so I've got no truck in this little tiff, but I find it hilarious.  I also find it amazing how far this has the local newsmedia, to Sen. Bramble's Wikipedia page (under PizzaGate), and actually out all the way to DailyKos, which is not a great place to end up with a little tiff like this if you want your career to keep moving forward.  Take a look at the OP and see what you think.

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themickel said...

I love the internet age. When else in history could someone like a pizza delivery driver call a politician on his crap and actually get a response?

I also love that he apparently didn't see the irony in a politician demanding to be trusted on account of his profession, yet refusing to extend that same trust to a "fraudulent business owner".