Friday, August 01, 2008

Take That, Ted Stevens!

I haven't blogged about Ted Stevens' indictment for corruption charges, but I was dancing in the streets when I heard about it. Here we have a sitting Senator who's penchant for billions of dollars of sweet US pork for Alaska and temper tantrums is legendary. He's one of the Republican Senators who has given all Republican Senators a bad name, and here he is lit up on corruption charges that I think are probably 100% accurate. Even if they aren't, the fact that his reputation makes this seem very probable is bad enough. I hope he gets defeated in his re-election bid, but I am agnostic about whether he's guilty or not. As long as he's out, I'm good. I'd love for this to be a wake-up call to the rest of Congress as well. Let's stop with the handouts and bribes to the states and get back to governing, shall we?

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