Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Entrance Theme

One of the things that I loved at the Indians game I went to was intro music.  That got me thinking about what I wanted to have as my intro music.  While I won't have a flunky walking around with me with a boom box or something, it'd be somewhat cool as long as I didn't get Peter Griffined.  I'm still completely undecided on this, which is why I started the post back after the Indians game and haven't finished it yet.  Let's turn this out to the public.  We could also use the ringtone test.  Would this be a rocking ringtone if I called you?
  • No words.  Words are fine in some senses, but I think I'd prefer a cool instrumental.  Vocalizations that aren't necessarily words count towards no words.
  • It has to be cool.  I don't want to get stuck with something ridiculous like the Forrest Gump theme (ridiculous from a theme for me perspective, not from an actual theme music perspective).
  • Villain themes need not apply.  Sorry, I'm not Darth Vader.
  • Iconic.  I want something that's memorable enough for people to start humming it if they're like my wife and get songs stuck in their heads all day.  Of course, if it's too iconic, it's known for the movie.  I'll use Chariots of Fire for the example here.
  • A good short clip - an entrance theme doesn't work if you've been in the room for 10 minutes and it's still playing.  I'm thinking 30 seconds of music, max.
Some possible choices:
"Gladiator Waltz" from Gladiator, specifically around 7.29-7.38
The Enzyte theme.  Sorry, this just rocks even if it's comedic.
"Burn it All" from Backdraft...from 0.00-0.37
The Contender (TV Show) main theme...from 0.15-0.46
"Roll Tide" from Crimson Tide 2.03-2.27
"A Dark Knight" from The Dark Knight 1.55-2.30
"Battle Without Honor or Humanity" from Kill Bill (you'd have to mix this around a bit to get it to fit how I'd want it)
"Rock You Like a Hurricane" by Scorpions (the instrumental opening)
Do you have any other suggestions or votes for any of these keeping in mind my criteria?
Most of these can be listened to over at Napster Free, so if you feel the urge, help me choose my theme song.  Thanks!


Cheeth said...

Oh, dude, I know the perfect song for you.

It's exciting.
It's gay synthesizers.
It's apocalyptic.


Its lyrics will destroy the credibility you established with the opening, but in short entrance situations, that doesn't matter -you can fade out before they sing.

Sorro said...

That's actually not bad at all! I before the final decision's made, I would like some more input, but you've started it off with something solid, I'll tell you that.

Scott said...

Mission Impossible

Off topic, but tag.