Friday, February 20, 2009

Possession with Intent to Photograph

I don't exactly know why, but for one reason or another, people get antsy whenever they see someone with a D-SLR camera.  They get doubly antsy when that person has...A TRIPOD!  Seriously, I can see the trip hazard aspect of it, but people also get mental when they see monopods.  This particular case from The Colbert Report is just indicative of the abject stupidity that happens when cops and/or rent-a-cops care more about the blatant photographer than they do about the guy in the trenchcoat with 20 lbs of Semtex or the man wearing a kaffiah and carrying an AK-47.  Seriously, photographers (speaking as one) are threats to our national security how?  What about the guy with a point and shoot or with a camera phone?  Rule #1 of surveillance is to keep a low profile.  If you're carrying around a couple thousand dollars worth of gear, you're probably not doing that and thus not a professional.

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Michael Brady said...

sorro, this is propaganda. why do you want us to be scared of taking photographs? what's your sinister ploy? you're despicable.