Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Memo To The Woman in Seat 5D

You know that announcement that they make on every flight before they close the boarding door...the one that says something like "turn off your phone on this flight, it's prohibited by FAA regulations, etc, etc?"  Yeah, that announcement applies to everyone, even though Mythbusters says it's not going to crash your aircraft.  Now I understand that sometimes you forget.  That's understandable, and it happens to everyone.  The difference between everybody else and you though is that when their phone rings they look all embarassed and turn it off.  You on the other hand, let it ring loudly and THEN ANSWER THE PHONE.  This is during the final descent, and you have a 2-3 minute conversation with someone.  Even though we were on final, if I was the FA, I would have taken your phone and tossed it in the lav. 

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