Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Secret Admirer

Here's an actual email I got today:
my name is miss Brenda

I saw your profil today at [redacted] and it really attracted me alot,i will like to know you.please Do write back.
For more convenient ;hope you will write back.
Until then; kisses;
Miss Brenda.
This is amazing.  I love the Miss Brenda - it sounds like some sort of Hollywood madame.  The spelling is clearly top notch, as is the punctuation and capitalization.  I really think I should respond, but will Miss Brenda reply, or is it just a spambot?  Maybe my wife could answer the question.


Rob said...

Some guys get all the luck!

Michael Brady said...
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Michael Brady said...

i am taken back to 2002 when i got me a stalker in shinagawa eki, to whom freckin toshi gave my email address. she emailed me even after i was back in the u.s., telling that i "must not meet or kiss or sex another woman."


Sorro said...

Your stalker from Shinagawa must be disappointed that you're having a baby now, as that means that you have indeed meeted (sic), kissed, and sexed another woman.