Monday, October 16, 2006

Dogbert's Tech Support

I have become a lot more sympathetic to those disembodied Indians on the Dell tech support line lately. Since I took over the IT department here at work I've realized that every one of those stupid questions they ask you are asked for a reason: people are idiots. Here's an example of one of the tech support conversations I had with someone here in my office this morning:

Employee: Excuse me, can you help me out?
Sorro: Sure, what's the problem?
E: My computer won't work. I move the mouse and the screen stays blank.
S: Let me come take a look.

I walk over to his computer, take a look at it, and press the power button. The computer immediately starts up.

S: There you go!
E: Thank you my friend.

This is the norm here. The vast majority of computer problems begin with "Is your computer on?" and end with "restart your computer." I know that
computers can be hard to use, but all I'm asking for is some basic knowledge. The on/off switch is the most basic of all switches. You use one with a cell phone, a light, a car (keys count). Why is the one on the computer so daunting?

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