Thursday, October 12, 2006

Must See TV?

This TV season has been a beast for me. I think part of it is the new addition to our family, the Dish Network 2-tuner TiVo. Suddenly the amount of TV recording time that we had doubled because it allowed us to take a look at some shows that would normally be considered marginal or not as good as whatever was on opposite it. As a result, we've got way too many timers. I'm sure that the network execs will do us a favor by killing a few new shows, but we should probably do a little culling of our own. One show that I would desperately like to eliminate, but for some strange reason just can't is Jericho. I don't know if it's the general absurdity of a town where Major Dad is the mayor, if it's the buggy eyes of Skeet Ulrich (best known from Scream), the sincere Jessica Simpson wannabeishness of the girl that looks like a poor man's Jessica Simpson, or if it's the fact that some amount of the US turned into radioactive ash and I still don't know what's happened quite yet. I would have to say it's the latter reason. So far we know that the following cities have been more or less leveled by a nuclear attack: Denver, Philadelphia, Dallas, Chicago, San Diego, Atlanta, Seattle, Kansas City. There are probably others (hinted at San Francisco, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Boston, Cincinnati, Detroit, New York City), but the show has been sketchy on real details to keep people like me watching. Areas that haven't been mentioned are those that are actually strategic targets - Washington, DC; Cheyenne Mountain (NORAD); Strategic Air Command, etc.
I think that this show is kind of clueless. For starters, the area where Jericho is situated would have been able to see both nuclear explosions (Kansas City and Denver) if they had been able to see one. Second, the sophisticated nature of the attacks (explosions that large are almost certainly fusion reactions instead of fission - something that is currently out of the realm of possibility for everybody that's not the US, Russia, Britain, China, Israel, and France. Pakistan, India, and North Korea (maybe) have fission weapons) combined with the quantity (the only countries with that kind of capacity are the US, Russia, Britain, China, Israel, and France) mean that it almost certainly shouldn't have been terrorists, much less some sort of organization that
Token Black Man belonged to. Third, the supposed fallout from Denver (and there was bits of Denver in that rain, hence why Drunk IRS Lady was freaking out when she touched bits of it) would have given everybody in town cancer either by now or in the near future, as the fallout from the rain would have stayed around long after they would have died in their shelters. I could go on, but it's picking nits, and they've drawn me in until I can figure out what's going on. Once it gets to that point, I may bail, but who knows. It's no Lost or 24 on the addictive show scale, but it's doing its job thus far. I can only hope that I actually get a payoff here. I want to know who attacked the US, and I don't want a cop-out. I don't want to find out that it's al Qaeda or the Masons. Token Black Man better have a darn good backstory for this unless it's the Chinese or the Russians (who are the only ones who realistically could and/or would have done it, despite the fact that the Russians would have used missiles that would have sent the nation on alert. Instead, the President was in some joint session of Congress while the bombs were going off), in which case all is forgiven.

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