Monday, November 20, 2006

The GOP's Not Dead Yet

I've been meaning to blog about the election results for quite a while now and the delay is because I've just ran out of time, not because I'm crying over the results. You'd think that a dyed in the wool Republican like me would be bemoaning the Democratic takeover of the House and Senate, but I think it's actually a good thing. The Republicans had been in power for 12 years and they were betraying their values in an attempt to stay in power. I'm not talking about gay marriage or anything like that. Instead, I'm talking about taxing and spending. During their 40 years in exile, the Republicans were always the party of less spending and less taxes. During President Bush's terms in office, however, they've become the pork party. They've ballooned the budget with all kinds of earmarks and subsidies, they've not cared about the deficit, and they've backed their way into huge increases in entitlement spending. They needed a reality check, and I really hope this is it. I would love to see them return to their former stance of "get the government out of people's pocketbooks." Let's lower spending, lower taxes, and see where that takes us. Laffer's Curve hasn't hurt us yet! Maybe in 2 years the Republicans will see the light. Maybe it will take longer. Either way, let's keep the Democrats in power until they do figure it out. We need 2 contrasting parties here, not 2 sides that do exactly the same stuff. Where's the choice in that?

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