Friday, November 24, 2006

Mass Hysteria

Black Friday is upon us. I was going to be out and about for an epic bout of deal-getting, but after driving past Best Buy at 8:30 last night and seeing over 100 people in line, my hopes of getting a $379 Core Solo laptop vanished in a poof of smoke. While I will testify to the goodness of the deals, isn't this getting a little out of hand? Sure, $350 is a lot of money and a lot of savings, but is it worth skipping Thanksgiving for? I saw (and this is no joke) people at Circuit City at noon yesterday just waiting. Why are you waiting?! Why aren't you at home deep frying a turkey/burning your house down? I would say that some of this is they typical college town mentality that we have here, but those students are gone. The people I saw at Best Buy were a cross section of society. I will say this, it's not worth my time. Most people would consider time more valuable than money, but not your typical Black Friday shopper. You can always get more money (sell your shirt, your pants, etc), but it's awfully tough to get more time. While I admire the tenacity of these deal hunters, maybe they're taking it just a bit too far. I skipped Best Buy and instead woke up an hour early to hit Target. It was a madhouse in there. There were people who just didn't get the concept of forward motion in addition to those who were parking their shopping carts anywhere and everywhere. It didn't matter if they were in front of the door or blocking an aisle, they just figured they'd cram them there. Some people get a rush in these giant crowds, but not I. I'll still brave them for a good deal, but it's not something that floats my boat. I spent most of the extra time I had this morning playing Company of Heroes, and that was a lot funner than killing an old lady for $50 off a television.

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