Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Building a Thicker Skin

Maybe those in the Muslim world should chill out for just half a minute. Now they're all up in arms because a teacher allowed a class to name a teddy bear Mohammed. Heaven forbid somebody names something after someone. I understand respect for deity and all, but Mohammed isn't deity. It's like the Jews getting mad someone named a bear Abraham or the Catholics that someone named a stuffed elephant Pope or us Mormons getting mad that someone named an alligator Joseph Smith. Whoop-de-doo. Chill out and then wonder why everyone thinks you're a little too fatwah crazy...maybe it's because every time someone even remotely thinks about doing something related to your religion that might not go with what you like then you call for one. Of course, it's generally the Wahabbi Muslims who give them all a bad name...I shouldn't generalize like that because there are moderates out there, and a lot of them. They just don't have the same voice that the extremists do.

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