Thursday, November 08, 2007

Handicapping 2008

I'm going to go ahead and start my Election 2008 coverage early as a result of me wanting to talk about it and The Wall Street Journal listing Hillary and Rudy in a dead heat, even though voters would prefer an unnamed Democrat to an unnamed Republican for president.
Who would you vote for? Comment below.
In this hypothetical matchup, I'd have to vote Rudy. There simply is no other choice. Hillary is so diametrically opposed to my beliefs (and I have a story about that too!) that it leaves me with no other option. While I'm not decided on any candidate yet, I am decided on the candidate(s) that I don't want to win, and Hillary is at the top of that list. I wish the Democrats would pick Obama and give me an actual choice. I really like him, despite Oprah's endorsement and the love of Oprah Nation for him. He's one of the few Democrats that I would consider voting for, despite our differences of opinion, in large part because I believe he is a genuine thoughtful human being who cares about the issues and about the opposition.

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themickel said...

Between those two, I would still vote for Obama or Ron Paul, knowing that my vote would be wasted.