Monday, July 14, 2008

The Final Word on MBAs

While I don't necessarily think this is accurate, I do know that the MBA is not a cure-all to becoming a good leader.  I know 2 idiots who have their MBAs and 2 people who aren't idiots who have them.  The bottom line is that an MBA can be a very useful tool if you use it right.  It's not going to turn you from a moron into a genius, but if you're already smart and sharp, it could definitely do you some good.


themickel said...

I think MBA's are great, as long as you have some experience to go along with it. Half the MBA's who come in for interviews have about 2years experience as a tutor, 1 year at 5-Buck Pizza, and that's it. Then they are astonished when, not only do we not turn the keys to the company over to them, but we don't even have an entry level position we could use them in.

"See, you've never really run a business," I try to explain to them. "You've just read about it."

"But I've done case studies," they protest, "and for one class we actually invested money in the stock market! It wasn't my money, nor was it actual money, but much different can it be?"

Jamie said...

I am interested to know which category of MBA Ryan would fall under in your opinion? :) I like the blog, guys - saw the link through Ryan's blog and enjoy trying to figure out which 1st Choice employees you are talking about!

Sorro said...

I put Ryan in the latter :)