Thursday, July 03, 2008

Troy's Tales from IT

Here's a post from Troy, one of my IT people who had an experience with a rather idiotic co-worker, and I will attest to that (the idiocy, that is):

I am simply amazed at how stupid some people can be. I was approached by a co-worker; we’ll call him Junior, concerning an IT issue that we were having at work. We had a server go down and people were, for the most part, unable to do any work. Junior came up and asked me what was going on with one of our major programs, which was down due to the server issue. I informed him that it would be down for the remainder of the day.  His response?  “It can’t be!” Well yeah, it is, deal with it. I told him that I was sorry and that we couldn’t really do much to get it running today because it was a fairly major problem that we were dealing with. Junior then wanted to know what the problem was - like he would understand anything that was said about the issue. So I told him what the issue was and he gave me that “deer in the headlights” stare. He asked when it would be fixed and I told him that I wasn’t sure on the exact date and time, but that it wouldn’t be today. Period. He then asked if we were fixing it. No, we figured that we would just let it have problems and see if maybe it just needed the 3-day weekend to fix itself. Are you kidding me?! I told him that it was being fixed. A few minutes later he approached our head IT guy, Craig, who is fixing the issue. Junior walks up and asks Craig “What’s going on with this program?” Wait a second! Didn’t I just tell you that? So he is told the same thing by Craig that I just told him and as Junior leaves Craig’s office he comments “I’m glad that you know what you’re doing.” Yeah, thanks, I hate you too.


Anonymous said...

Dear Abbey,

I used to work for Junior, until my current supervisor, a partner in the company, and I staged a coup. It took months to gather facts and evidence of his ineptitude and why he should never manage people, his dishonest nature, and so forth. The CEO needs evidence, as does HR, before making a move like that.

Anyway, Junior is now in his box, metaphysically as well as physically, since his office is purposely far in proximity to those he used to belittle and berate.

Did I mention that he is a liar? I didn't know he was moonlighting in Utah Valley. Maybe all that time away from home is one of many reasons (along with the belittling, berating and constant lying) why his family has disowned him and his wife is divorcing him. Does Junior have a clue?!

Since his demotion to my level (think of untouchables in India, etc.), he is still not humble, but I can ignore him without repercussions. I am in a much better state of mind than when I had to answer and report to this hypocritical buffoon and work under his asinine and self-serving logic. I still harbor just a *smidgeon* of resentment toward this ass of asses, but I am much happier, healthier, and even wealthier (he held me back from advancement).

JeTSaM Genki

Ryan P Giles said...


Maybe asking the IT guy what the problem is is like me asking the car dealer what is wrong with my car. I just want to make sure he isn't ripping me off, although I won't even comprehend what he is saying I just want to make sure he can come up with something that sounds plausible.

I always get ripped off.