Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tales of Idiocy

It seems like every time that our meetings get good, A-Rod comes around to muck things up.  First of all, after not showing up for our meetings for the past month, he comes in here at 9:55 and says "Let's get started!" as though he's Mr. Timely.  We've been getting along without you better than fine, thank you very much.  I think part of the reason why he's so "I'm in charge" today is because we have 3 people from the next level down with us today, which means that he must seem like he does stuff.  So he gets in here and wants to look all important, and we've spent an hour discussing something that should have taken 20 minutes in part because he wants to "lead the discussion" and also because we have to explain how the business works to him as well. 
While I'm sitting in this interminable meeting (which had been getting much better since Forro and I took them over), I'm going to tell you another tale.  He held a meeting yesterday on one of his other ventures that I'm helping with mainly because I want to get him out of here.  So I've given him some ideas and gotten the things taken care of that he asked me to, but nothing much has come of it, primarily because he's an idiot.  At any rate, he brought in a guy to tell him what to do and the guy told him the same things Forro and I had - retail's for suckers, downloads, etc, etc.  He didn't listen when we told him that, but when this guy did he was all ears.  Heaven forbid he listens and gets some good ideas from us!


themickel said...

You guys need to do something to get back at him, you know, pull a caper of some sort.

What about collecting all the extra cents that get rounded down in the company payables, which would amount to around 1 million dollars in the aggregate. You know, like they did in Superman II?

themickel said...

I hear that works out well.