Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Another Sweeping Generalization

This one is based on the people that I've seen on the news, which admittedly are going to be the most this way:

Utah Democrats are at least 50% more obnoxious than other Democrats.

I can only assume that 2 generations in the minority causes this.


Dr. J said...

So true. I can't tell you the amount of gloating that everyone in my office will have to endure tomorrow at the hands of one such individual.

Cheeth said...

I think you are on to something with your reasoning why they are obnoxious. But if you look at it from a Democrat-in-Utah point of view (I am not a Democrat, by the way), the fact that Utah's government procedure and politics have gotten less and less transparent throughout those two generations, and the fact that legislators have wasted the people's time with ridiculous actions like condemning the UN, have combined with questionable Republican ethics to produce a prodigious amount of angst.

Both sides are just socialists anyway, haha.

Also, my condolences on Chaffetz. He's a buffoon. God bless America.

Sorro said...

I think that you are indeed accurate there Cheeth...some of our legislators are out there enough that we end up with these ridiculous condemnations and whatnot. The battle for the Republican party in Utah is always between the very extreme and the moderate. Usually the extreme wins, because they mobilize and the moderates don't. That gives us general election candidates like Chaffetz who are ready to toss Mexicans in C-5 flights to the furthest point of Mexico.
I appreciate the condolences...I really was hoping that somehow Bennion Spencer would pull it out.