Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gub'mint Knows Best

While I agree it's not the best tactic in the world for naming your kids, using a Nazi Germany theme is no reason for the government to take them away.  Where does it stop?  Any kids named Osama will get rounded up?  Or maybe Tojo or Mussolini?


Jeremy Miller said...

My first attempt to contact Sorro in many years and the first thing I read is about The Man taking kids for having Nazi names.

Then I definately have found Sorro.

I'll be in touch, Miller choro.

"Ray. You're chanting, Ray. Once they get in here, it's over pal!"

Sorro said...

Miller choro! Nice. It's good to hear from you again. It's pretty hard to try to find a Jeremy Miller, what with all of the Jeremy Millers out there in the greater world area. Ergo, it's good you found me instead. Up until now it's been awfully quiet over there Ray. Perhaps we could have a little participation?

Jeremy Miller said...

I was thinking about this again earlier today. what if some jewish family named their kid "Saddam Hussein Katzwitz"? You can't take the kid, because he shares a middle name with the president (in 18 hours)! Or do you differentiate between Saddam Hussein Katzwitz and Barack Hussein Smith? At that point, isn't the difference merely the political popularity of the person being named after?

Cheeth said...

Hi Jeremy Miller of our mission fame.