Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In Honor of the Inauguration

Barack is very disappointed with me!

I only scored 20 on the Obama Test

I'm already on the bad side of the President.  That may not be so good, with him just getting inagurated.


Michael Brady said...

ooo. i'm on the bad side of that alexander lady (and she's on mine) who read a poem about people speaking or not speaking to each other. did christopher guest write that poem? in a "best in show" context, that's brilliant. in some attempt to be a poetist at an historical event like today's, i had to roll my eyes, turn off the tv and get back to work.

"we could talk or not talk for hours. FFFRNH louisiana..."

Michael Brady said...

now that i've taken the test, i must say, sorro: was that quiz slanted, in your estimation? i felt dishonest taking the test, as the wording led me to absolute conclusions and then limited my options.

i feel like i just watched a michael moore film.

Sorro said...

Yeah, that was totally slanted. You can tell that whoever wrote it was extremely anti-Obama. Give the man a chance!