Tuesday, March 10, 2009

JJ Abrams' Star Trek

Have you seen the latest Star Trek trailer?  I thought that it looked good before, but not necessarily a top tier movie for the summer (like Wolverine, Transformers, and Terminator), but this trailer [dramatic pause] changes everything.  I don't know if it's the music, the scenes, or what, but this vaults Star Trek right to the top of my must see movie list for the summer.  Abrams has a pretty good track record on the whole, and while I'm one of the 5 people on the planet not into Lost, I hope to catch up one of these days.  Take a gander:


Tone said...

This does look cool, whether you love sci-fi, are in the closer about loving sci-fi (yours truly) or hate sci-fi you gotta-wanna see this mofo. FIRE EVERYTHING!!!!!

I just hope 'cool guy' capt. kirk doesn't annoy me to death. Everyone else looks freakin' sweet.

Michael 聖 Brady said...

now that all of the movies you named in this posting have been out for a year, i think we can all agree that star trek was far and away the best of them all.