Monday, October 26, 2009

Another Reason Keith Olbermann Should Have Stuck with ESPN

If there is another person out there who drives the discussion into the gutter more than Olbermann, I'd like to know who they are. Any time that you label someone who makes a comparison that may be slightly out of bounds (at least in your opinion) as "one of the worst people in the world" perhaps you should toss yourself up there on the screen as well. On top of that, it takes a certain amount of hubris to lecture a former Supreme Court candidate on law when you yourself are a former sportscaster and current full-time blowhard. How could this have been different if, instead of doing a drive by defaming, Olbermann actually asked Elder Oaks for an interview where he could have had a civil conversation? Oh, that's right. Oaks would have been seen as the rational one, which would have completely ruined Olbermann's point. Take a look at Elder Oaks' clarifying comments below the MSNBC video:


Ginna said...

wow, crazy stuff.

Tone said...

I like Olbermann, I think he's pretty funny most of the time. Like Beck and Limbaugh he's primarily a entertainer for those who agree with him politically. This was a chance to make a crack about a church that is very anti-gay marriage, a cause which he seems to support.

I have no doubt that Elder Oaks comments where taken a bit out of context, but... I thought his reaction was kind of funny. It's an interesting point that I've never thought of ( and should probably be ready to debate about) that we Mormon types have had our own run ins with the government over marriage issues, and perhaps, while we don't agree with gay marriage, we can be sensitive about the issue.