Friday, October 02, 2009

Bad Hilton, Bad!

Here's a complaint letter I just sent to the SLC Airport Hilton. It was by far the worst hotel my wife and I stayed at on our recent trip to Europe.

To the Manager on Duty:
I've tried several times to contact you regarding this experience to no avail. As a result, I have posted this (1*) review on Trip Advisor to let others know my experience and hopefully steer them away from your property:
"My wife and I checked in here the night before an early trip to Europe. We checked in and were given breakfast vouchers. Our room was at the end of a hall in need of some freshening up, but our room was nice and clean. The pool area was nice and clean as well. So far so good. We went to bed, but at about midnight I woke up because the A/C wasn't working properly. I turned it down as low as it would go in an attempt to cool down the room. I didn't try the front desk as my wife was still asleep next to me. We got up at 4 am for our flight and found that there was no hot water. We called the front desk and were told that "that might happen, but it should be fixed in an hour." That wasn't terribly helpful because we had a 6 am flight. We quickly showered, went down to check out, and I talked with the person at the front desk about reducing our rate because of the A/C issue and the shower issue. He told me that he couldn't do that, but to call back when the manager was in. He gave me the manager's name and number. When I arrived in Minneapolis for my layover, I called and the manager wasn't there because it was Memorial Day. I left a message with my contact information and waited for a response. I spent the next week in Europe and called again when I got back. I again got his voicemail, again left my complaint and contact information and what I felt was an appropriate remuneration, and again got no response. I sent an email with the gist of my complaint. Again, no response. This Hilton will not be getting my business again. I am a Hilton Diamond VIP, so I would hate to see the treatment that anybody else gets when top tier elites don't get the time of day from the manager.
BEST: The pool area, free breakfast (assuming we had been around when the restaurant opened)
WORST: Unempowered staff, management who doesn't respond to complaints, no A/C, cold showers."
Is there something that you could do to change this? Yes there is! I would be happy to amend my review to reflect any sort of effort on your part to win back my business. I don't expect something for nothing and know that ultimately you want people to stay in your beds. As a result, I would propose a combination of the following:
• An apology.
• A room refund. Because this occurred 6 months ago now, I would propose a gesture of 25,000 HHonors points - the equivalent of a one night award at your property.
• Free night at the hotel to win back my business (this is merely to change my opinion, if things were different this time, I would be happy to reverse my thoughts publicly).

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