Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Apprentice: Clown College

We saw Alex step up last week, and lo and behold, he gave a performance that was so night and day from what we have seen from most other candidates that you'd almost think we were back in Season 1. He actually talked to his target audience and tried to sell the product, as opposed to making a pretty mural that he liked. He's no urban candidate - his terrible use of "mad props" showed that - but he knows what the urban market wants because he asked.
In this week's task, watch for Audrey to further embarass Utah with her mouth (seriously, did she get a mouth transplant from a sailor or something?) and actions. What a horrible candidate. You can definitely tell that she's only 22. Also, watch for another Net Worth loss, because as anybody can tell you, clowns are scary. Kids will not like clowns. For the few who consider Ronald McDonald their best friend, they'll be okay, but I tend to think that that's not their target audience. Clowns are too polarizing, regardless of the task.

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