Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Quick and Dirty

I've grown ever so weary of the business buzzwords around my office, more specifically from my boss. Inevitably when he opens his mouth I find myself being smothered under the flow of oral crap that spews forth. Everyday it is a constant stream of "let's take this offline", "think outside the box", "sharpen the saw" and so on. He recently added the phrase "quick and dirty" to his already weighty repertoire. Let me just explain this about my boss, much of what he does is dirty, but never is it quick. Generally it is a painfully slow process in which he repeatedly thrusts his ideas until you relent and agree.
I understand that such phrases have their time and place, and can add illustration to an idea, but it seems that 90% of the time they are tossed in as nothing more than executive bull honk. I don't know if you are equally annoyed with all the buzzwords, but my advice to you when presented with the comment "let's have a quick and dirty about this". Follow your gut instinct and run, run like a small boy from a beefy schoolmarm.

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