Monday, March 07, 2005

Reply to all abuse

Who else is sick of this? I am on a mailing list, where, long and uninteresting story short, people like to chat back and forth. The way it works, you can either send to the e-mail address that shoots it out to everybody, or you can reply to the person via their e-mail address, which is in the "reply to" field. These people e-mail and call back and forth amongst each other. I got involved in it because I went to a conference a month ago and ended up in it. Anyway, if you got an email sent over the list like this:
"I am looking for people to call other than my group, because sometimes I cannot reach them, so if any of you don't mind if I call on you, let me know. Vice Versa."

what would you do? I think I'd probably respond to this person by doing something along the lines of sending an e-mail directly to the person. Is that what this group does? Not hardly! Instead, the following e-mail (with names changed to protect the retarded) was sent not only to her, but also to the entire group - she deliberately added in the entire group, which means that the original e-mailer got this message twice.
Hi Janet,
This is Jillian.
I love you. You can call me.

How ridiculous is that? Why did I need to know anything about that? Things like that have turned this mailing list into a dumping ground. My wife has it all sent to the trash, and I think I'm going to do the same.

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Forro said...

Meh, she just wants to be noticed. "Oh look at me, stepping up to do a good turn, please recognize me now"