Tuesday, May 24, 2005

"[Best] Movie Ever" - Comic Book Guy

It isn't often I get so excited for a movie that I'm about to pee my pants, but Revenge of the Sith made me question my bladder's iron constitution. Admittedly I'm a pretty big nerd about Star Wars, but this movie was just freakin' awesome. There were a few scenes were the acting was a bit overboard (which I attriubte to the fact that the scripts were kept from the eyes of the actors until the 11th hour), but other than that it was everything and more than I hoped it could be. For anyone has managed to be absent from existence for the last decade ROTS puts the final pieces of the puzzle in place as to why young Anakin Skywalker turned to the Dark Side and became Darth Vader. My absolute favorite scene in the movie (and in the running for best scene of all time) is the moment when Vader, now masked, takes his first ominous breath. According to Box Office Mojo ROTS grossed an amazing $303,949,700 worldwide in a mere 5 days. In North America it grossed $158,449,700, Western Europe pushed $56m, even Serbia rolled in with $62,284 (thanks Serbs). If you haven't been out to see it, I can't urge you enough to get off your can and get to the nearest theater, afterall 300 million people can't be wrong.

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