Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A Quick Freak-out

So I went to lunch today and I got a call on my way home that I needed to get some MiniDV tapes and set up a camcorder to record a seminar that one of our nurses was conducting today. Well, I said I would, then went home to lunch. I was there for no more than 20 minutes when I got another call from the same person saying that the nurse was wondering where her recorder setup was. Well, I still had a good half an hour before it was needed, so she should have held on for a bit. Then, while I was on my way back to the office, I got another call, this from an exec saying basically the same thing. Well, I told him essentially the same information. All was well, and so I got to the office and headed in, and I got a call from another exec asking essentially the same question. That's 3 calls in 20 minutes for something which was set up and ready to go before she even got in the room. It was absolutely ridiculous!

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