Friday, May 27, 2005

Nick Burns, My Company's Computer Guy

While I wouldn't call Jimmy Fallon a comic genius, he was right on the money with his impersonation of your average company computer guy. I actually see him every day in my office. He's supposed to take care of everything computer related, but instead he likes to pawn things off on others (i.e. me). While I'm sure that he does a lot of work on the weekends and at night when people aren't here, I see a pattern developing.
The Boss: Sorro, will you come over to my house and install x on my computer?
Me: You should have Nick Burns do it, that's his job, and if anything goes wrong with it, he'll blame me.
The Boss: I would, but Nick told me to ask you.
And so the pattern goes on. Then of course, because you're actually doing things without his sanction, as he empowers everybody by doing not much, you do something that he doesn't like, so he gives you a verbal smackdown. Of course, there's no reasoning with Nick Burns, because you don't want to suddenly have your computer explode, so it's a Catch-22.

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