Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Lusting after St. Patrick

I don't quite understand women's fickle fascination with Patrick Swayze. They swoon over him in Ghost and Dirty Dancing, but won't touch him with a 10ft pole during, say, Road House. They get all excited over this Patrick, but turn their nose up at this Patrick. I bring this up because I found myself being subjected to Dirty Dancing for the umpteenth time this weekend and I had this thought cross my mind. If women are really into Dirty Dancing and Ghost so that you can look at Patrick's back muscles (and don't lie, you know that is the main reason) then I have a solution. Let's watch Point Break or Black Dog which both feature Mister Swayze, that way you can ogle his body and I don't have to endure endless grueling minutes of bad screenplay and acting (ok I'll still be watching bad acting, but at least things will be blowing up and that will keep me happy). Better yet let's just watch the best of Chris Farley, I'll get my laughs and you can watch Patrick twirl and thurst his manhood at you during the Chippendale's spoof, everyone wins.

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