Thursday, January 25, 2007

Arby's = temptalicious

Damn you Arby's; first your curly fries, now this. One of the newest menu items that can be included in the 5 for 5.95 offer is Arby's Potato Bites. For those of you who don't know about the 5 for 5.95 offer (perhaps you have been living in Mongolia) it is a mix and match combo deal that can be described simply as late-night goodness. (Let's not kid oursevles, if it is noon in Provo no self respecting person is going to pay for Arby's over the Smokehouse. However, come 9pm and you find yourself craving something to shove down your gullet Arby's is quite the temptation.)

Back to the bites... These so called Potato "Bites" aren't really bites at all, they are HUGE. They are like a big ol' tot, deep fried in deliciousness. I'm a fan of any form of potato that is deep fried, but take shredded potato, mash it into a patty and drop it the fryer and you have yourself pretty much the most delicious thing on the whole damn planet.

Last month I decided that going on a diet would be a good idea. I was wrong. First off dieting means you eat pretty much nothing all day, so temptations are just that much stronger. Second, dieting means you ignore about 85% of food products available. I mean let's be honest, it is pretty sad when you are so desperate that you get excited over Quaker's flavored rice patties.

So here I am eating a measly 1500 calories/day, just hoping my gut starts to waist (pun intended) away. I'm cruising past Arby's when I see the familiar 5/5.95 that usually makes me salivate, THEN I see a big ol' picture of the Potato Bites and I practically cream my jeans. It was more than I could bare, and long story short the bites are pretty much everything I hoped they could be.


Cheeth said...

I'd give my left, um, pinky finger for there to be Arby's in Japan. Then I could lean over to my wife and say "Feels like an Arby's night.

Scott Roche said...

Arby's is evil.