Saturday, January 06, 2007

Squatter's Rights

For those who remember my saintification post from back in the day where I gave some people in my office their official titles, you'll remember St Maxwell the Clueless. In addition to being the Patron Saint of Technophobes, he's also a squatter. Initially, he came to the company and didn't have an office. Well, there was one of our corporate officers who spent a lot of time at our other office. What did St Maxwell do? Why he did what any carney or poor person would...he set up shop in that officer's office. After a month of squatting, he packed up everything of the other person's and put it out in the hallway and moved in all of his stuff. Forro and I were livid at the time that squatter's rights actually held any sway in the company. I mean seriously, we let this person just take over an office because he had the balls to kick someone out and nobody did one thing?
Well, it's happening again. Another corporate officer is about to be evicted. This one also spends his time in our other office, but the reason why St Maxwell is taking his office is because it's got windows. So St Maxwell is over there at the office moving his stuff into the other room and in general acting like somebody who just got off the boat from Mumbai who's trying to put a roof over his head instead of someone who actually needs something. This is part of the reason why, as head of the IT and Accounting departments, I won't be procuring any new equipment for St Maxwell for quite some time. You poached two offices, booting out their occupants, and you're not getting anything from me unless it's absolutely necessary. Even then, it will be the absolute minimum. I think some of St Maxwell's behavior is a massive case of penis envy and some of it is just because he can be the single most annoying person on the planet.

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