Monday, January 22, 2007

Go to Jell

Fiery leftist Hugo Chávez stopped just shy of giving America the finger (1), opting instead to send us packing with his most recent rant "Go to hell gringos, go home!" The remark was fired at the U.S. during Chávez's weekly radio and TV broadcast in response to a comment made by U.S. State Department Deputy spokesman, Tom Casey. Casey, relayed that Chávez's plans, under the "enabling law", " have caused us some concern".
In fairness to Chávez "have caused us some concern" is really just a nice way of saying "nutsier than a crack addict". So if you filter the comment that way, as an ardent anti-american would, you might justify telling your northern continental counterpart to shove it. So much for least we have the decency to be civil to you before we drop some bombs.
Removing the tongue from my cheek, I don't think Casey's comment is that far off. Personally Chávez, in general, causes me some concern. He seems to be really working towards his own little dictatorship down there. Systematically he is assuming ultimate power as a leader, almost like a slow moving coup. It is going to be interesting to see how events unfold in Venezuela.

(1) Admittedly though, this picture here looks like Bush is getting the Aussie "hi-and-how-are-ya", I love a good picture out of context.

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