Friday, January 12, 2007


After Steve Jobs' keynote a few days ago, I desperately wanted an iPhone. Sure, I already have a free 60 GB iPod, a free 2 GB iPod Nano, a BlackBerry, and a Cingluar 3125 Smartphone, but I wanted it. The Apple design people and the Jobs Markup have struck again. Sure it's the price of a PlayStation 3 and there is no way that Cingular will ever put a discount on that sucker - that's the Apple way and it's almost certain that Apple wouldn't allow it. The touchscreen controls look very intuitive and elegant, but the question is if it will work as well in my music library as the iPod scroll wheel. It may, but it may not. Nevertheless, knowing Apple, I trust it. Nevertheless, for as darn cool as it is, can I really justify paying that kind of money for this product? Seriously. In his keynote, Jobs said that an iPod costs $200 and a Smartphone costs $300 (which isn't quite accurate, unless you're getting a Treo), so the iPhone should cost $600, because it's so darn cool. We'll see if the market bears that price out, but I don't see how it can't. The PS3 is cool, but it's not got great software and it doesn't seem to have the value in it that the other consoles do. On the other hand, the iPhone is pretty darn revolutionary in its own right. I'll probably get one, but hope that I can hold out until Steve comes out with a 16 GB model. Here, take a gander at it in action:

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