Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Classic Music Videos, Part the Third: Special Hoff-dition

I didn't anticipate coming out with another set of videos so soon, but I can't wait on this next batch of classic videos from The Hoff. I think he might appeal to tone deaf people, but I'm not quite sure.

Secret Agent Man:

It's a little known fact that before Daniel Craig got the role as James Bond they were going to give it to David Hasselhoff. They saw this video and thought better of it.

Limbo Dance:

Here's Mitch Baywatch, knocking about with a bunch of people and in general acting like an idiot. After seeing just how many music videos the man's come up with you have to wonder if he just has a skewed sense of what's cool, like someone from another planet, or if he's got the strangeness going because it's part of his sex appeal.

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