Thursday, August 30, 2007

General Armchair

If there is one thing that I know about myself it's that I'm a huge armchair doing stuff guy. It could be anything - running a company, being president, etc. Sure, I love actually doing things too, but there's something inherently fun about being able to say "here's what I'd do."

That's the reason why, when I play a video game (which is a great little way to pass some time), I love Real Time Strategy games. These are the games that allow you to control a group (in general, a small army) and launch them at your opponent. I do like other games, but to some degree I find that I am a better tactician than strategiest, just ask those I play paintball with. I like controlling multiple groups, running them over terrain, and so forth. On top of that, post WWIII conflicts/conditions have always intrigued me (perhaps that's why I have been a fan of Jericho, for all of it's flaws). That's why I'm so excited about World in Conflict (video below). It has a great pedigree. For starters, Larry Bond, co-writer of Tom Clancy's Red Storm Rising (only the greatest World War III scenario ever written) in charge of the story. While I don't want to see that conflict return, it has prevented us from seeing 15 years of World War III scenario games, ranging from WarGames style "let's launch our nukes at each other" to the Company of Heroes version of the invasion of Crimea. Hopefully this will start a series that can lead us throughout a modern, realistic, World War III.

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