Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The 12:00 Rule

One rule here at my office that I keep forgetting about, to my detriment, is what I like to call the 12:00 rule. It states that if you are still in the office at noon (i.e. you haven't left for lunch), you're not likely to leave for lunch. I was out sick yesterday and had a lot to get done today. As a result, I wasn't quite done (it was around 12:10) with everything, but was within about 2 minutes. Before I could get finished with what I was doing, I was off helping with some tech support, getting our new tracking system displays set up, and working on a couple of HR issues while Forro is out on vacation. I got back in my office to finish up that project around 1:30 and got it done pretty quickly. Unfortunately, as I was clearing my desk for lunch, I got a call. I knew I shouldn't have taken it, because it was from Robinson Cano's office and Derek Jeter and A-Rod had been in there last time I walked by. I had to get it though, so I did. Fast forward to 4 pm and here I am without having a lunch. I did have the foresight to get myself a quick 150 calories of fibery goodness with a Fiber One bar, but I should have just left at noon.

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