Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bonehead Beat: The Cause of All Your Computer Problems

So one of my IT people came to me today with a story so incredible and an explanation so unbelievable that it could only have come from the one employee so technologically ignorant to give it. You don't even have to say her name and you immediately know who it is. Part of the problem is that she takes it upon herself to be the IT guru in our other office. This despite the inconvenient fact that she knows absolutely nothing about IT. When I say nothing, I don't mean something as confusing as "how do you install a program." I'm talking "how do you turn on a computer" levels of stupidity. At any rate, a little set up that may ruin the punchline, but I hope not. We've been doing a little work on our other office to upgrade it a bit, including some generalized cleanup, painting, and reorganizing. He gets a call from this person who says "none of our computers are working." He does a little digging and asking and "none of our computers" is actually "my computer can't print to a certain printer" and "the copy machine isn't working." Her hypothesis? Maybe it's the new paint's fault! She actually said that. Instead of "perhaps it's not plugged in" or "maybe a circuit breaker has been tripped" it's definitely the fault of the new coat of paint we have put on the walls.

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