Monday, October 13, 2008

Great Minds Think Alike

I swear that I came up with this idea before Bill Kristol did in his editorial today in the New York Times.  I actually was talking with my wife about it back before the second McCain-Obama debate.  I still think it's a good idea.  McCain needs to go for broke, and the best way to do that is barnstorm the heck out of the nation and have it televised.  He should be buying half hour blocks, or even 2 minute commercial blocks and showing the best pieces of his last town hall meeting.  I'd like to see him get back to being the candidate McCain from New Hampshire who went for broke and got out there and barnstormed swing states and got his campaign back out there and turned things around.  Just disassemble most of the stuff and get out there and talk to people.  I wouldn't be surprised to see things swing back his way because I think that to some degree Americans are done with being coddled, and that's what this campaign has become is a coddle-fest.  Get the straight talk express out there and visible and that could change things for you.

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Cheeth said...

I completely agree with you that this is best chance McCain has to win. On the other hand, any future drastic moves, whether the right ones or not, are now easily depicted as "erratic" by the Obama camp. McCain jumped the shark weeks ago.

Add to that the fact that though McCain has taken a character-demeaning approach to Obama instead of battling on the economy (not that he had a choice, of course), it has only served to further convince his own base, but not swing voters, that Obama is an imminent threat to America (obvious bullcrap).

But if my livelihood depended on getting McCain elected, this is the gambit I would take, too.