Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trib Gets Ghetto, Yo

I saw this headline in the Salt Lake Tribune today: One injured as special needs bus T-bones car.
I didn't realize that the Trib had decided to use slang terminology in their headlines now. I suppose that we're not too far from "Crip Arrested After Capping Two Mofos In The Hood."

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Michael Brady said...

Some time ago, my father read an article in the Trib where the author described the subject of her piece as a "pimp," in the most complimentary way. She was heralding him for this-and-that. Furiouse'ly, my old man wrote in to the editor explaining that we should stick to prescriptive language in our news print, and offered the definition and etymology of the word "pimp," and all of the sexual connotations.

His letter was published, and the author issued an apology.

Seriously, what is going on these days?